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Homebuyer Resources

Process of Construction

Building a home is an exciting and complicated process. With that being said, below we have simplified the construction process for your convenience.

Mutual Acceptance
Congratulations! We have reached mutual acceptance on the purchase of your new American Classic Home. A representative from American Classic Homes will contact you for your first meeting, which will be held at the on-site model home. This is what is referred to as your "Selections and Builder Meeting" where you have the opportunity to personalize your home selections and options.
Personalizing Your Home Selections and Options (After mutual acceptance of Purchase and Sale)

Our promise is to build you a quality home of great value in a timely fashion with care, precision, and clear communication. This is why getting together within one week of mutual acceptance is so important.

If your home is referred to in your purchase and sale agreement, as "Prior to Construction", a Builder and Selections Meeting will take place.

If your home is referred to in your purchase and sale agreement as "House under Construction" a Builder and Selections Meeting will be decided based on the current stage of construction of your home.

If your home is referred to as a "Complete House", no selections or builder meeting will take place.

At the Selections and Builder Meeting, you will meet with the Community Sales Manager, Upgrades and Selections Specialist, and review our Welcome Guide introducing you to our process and clearly defining what you can expect from us. We will also help teach you what you need to know in order to make informed decisions and take care of everything on your to-do list. This is our opportunity to get everyone on the same page.

During the meeting, we will review your purchase and sale agreement, architectural plans and elevations, included specifications, selected upgrades, upgrade options and walk your home site.

Final decisions on all selections and upgrades must be made within 2 weeks of the Builder and Selections Meeting. All selections and upgrades must be selected prior to the home construction beginning.

We will help with any questions or concerns you may have, discuss what to expect next, and advise who you will be in communication with.

Available times for this meeting are Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 2:30pm. The Selections and Builder meeting takes about 1-3 hours. We highly recommend friends and children not attend this meeting.

Arrange Your Financing (Within 14 days of mutual acceptance)
In compliance with the purchase and sale agreement a "letter of loan commitment" must be provided by your lender to American Classic Homes. If you elect to change lenders after this time you must notify the seller in writing.
Watch Us Build Your Home (The construction of your new home)
From when we drop lumber, it should take approximately 120-200 days to build your home, depending on the size of the home. If you would like to come visit and see how the progress of your new home is going, you must schedule an appointment with one of our sales agents or a representative of American Classic Homes, who will then must check with the site supervisor if the site is ok to walk and then notify you. You may not visit your home without an appointment.
Closing Date Is Set and You Should Contact Your Lender (Approximately 45 days prior to closing)
Your estimated closing date will be set once the interior painting has been completed. You will be notified of this date by a representative of American Classic Homes. Once your estimated closing date has been determined, you are responsible for contacting your lender so they can begin to prepare your loan documents. To avoid a delayed closing and additional costs, confirm with your lender that all of your loan conditions have been met. Historically, many closings have been delayed due to the lender not getting their documentation to Escrow on time. We urge you to stay on top of things early and often in the process.
Homeowner Orientation (Approximately 1 week prior to closing)
Your Customer Service Manager will contact you to schedule and conduct your 2 hour walk-through orientation to show you all the features of your new home, and answer any questions you may have. This is also your opportunity to identify any items that need further attention. We highly recommend children are not at this meeting.
Signing at Title and Escrow (2-3 days prior to closing)
We have finished building your home and your mortgage company is ready to finalize your loan. Once loan documents arrive at Escrow, your Escrow Officer will contact you to meet and sign all paperwork needed for closing.
Delivery of Keys (Day of closing)
You now take possession of your new home as soon as Escrow notifies us that closing has occurred. Please note that "signing" and "closing" are separate events that do not occur at the same time. Closing typically occurs 1-2 days after signing. Our Customer Service Manager personally hands your keys to you welcoming you to your new American Classic Home.
60 Day Quality Assurance Visit
Approximately 60 days after you move into your new home, you will be contacted by your Customer Service Manager to discuss and review any warranty issues that may have come up during the first 60 days in your new home.
1 Year Quality Assurance Visit
At the end of the first year in your new home, you will be contacted by your Customer Service Manager to review any possible outstanding items under warranty that may have come up in the first year.